Andy Kim 목사님에게서 편지가왔습니다.
작년에는 추수감사절 기간동안 140개 이상의 칠면조를 나눠주었는데 올해도 그행사를 2번째로 실시할려고 한답니다.
많은 분들이 도네이션으로 이 행사에 참석했으면 합니다^^

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary.  We wanted to thank you for all your support last year.  With your generosity we were able to give out 140+ turkeys.  As we did in the past years, we will also have a dinner on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Day.  Pray that folks will not only receive that hand-out but the love of Christ.

A month ago, we opened our doors and set the tables for soup on Wednesdays.  It is a simple time of fellowship - to get to know people better.  A few days later one of the men who had come for soup approached me out of the blue and asked for prayer to be delivered from his addiction.  He had recently relapsed after being 'clean' for over 10 years.  Please, pray for Ray.  He was quite genuine in his despair.  I think that it was not just the good soup, but the warmth of the fellowship and Christ's presence that urged him to seek help.  Another man continues to play games with us and himself.  He also comes for the Wednesday soup.  We sure hope he continues to come around for I am confident that Jesus will knock him out one of these days (cf. Acts 9).

Could you please partner with us again as we do what we can to provide Thanksgiving baskets for our neighbors?  What a great opportunity it is to serve our neighbors; addicts, dealers, hungry families and children!  What a great chance to meet new folks and care for the neighbors we have come to know over the last couple years!  Please, be giving this Thanksgiving.
A thanksgiving dinner which includes a small turkey and the fixin's costs about $30.  We welcome food donations, too.  Please, make checks out to 8th Street Community Church and designate 'turkey'.

Christ's peace to you,

Andy Kim

8th Street Community Church
3760 N. 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
(215) 939-7406
(215) 821-8823

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