1. Thanksgiving Baskets
Fortunately, 3 days before our distribution day, we started receiving more than half of the additional funds necessary to meet our goal to make 100 turkey baskets.

Thank you to all who were generous despite these hard times and remembered the 8th Street neighborhood.  On Saturday, Nov 21, with the hands on help of some 8th Street Church's friends and supporters we were able to bless 100 families with a turkey basket that included a turkey, cabbage, potatoes, yams, onions, apples, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and a long sleeve shirt which had John 3.16 or another Bible verse printed on it.  We did not include the sweet potato or pumpkin pie.  Perhaps next year . . .

In addition we were able to give out another 50 turkeys (only) for those who had not signed up ahead of time but came knocking anyway.

2. Please, pray for our youth and children ministries.  We are having a Christmas Celebration on Saturday, Dec. 19th and we have decided to hold it at the Hunting Park Rec. Center where the junior high boys play basketball every Friday afternoon.  Please, pray for this event and our presentation of the gospel.

3. We have been going through the gospel of Mark on Sundays.  Jesus takes his disciples through a storm to the 'other side' where they encounter a man possessed by Legion who cuts himself on the rocks.  The darkness of a spiritual reality without Christ's presence and reign manifests itself in violence and violent acts.  Unfortunately, we were reminded of this again in the last few week by some tragic events.  Pray for people to repent and to be released from the grip of Satan by the power of Jesus Christ.  Pray for the gospel to encourage our church and leadership team including the pastor (me).

4. Pray for Anthony who has been "delivered" from the drugs!  He had been in and out and back and forth with his addiction most all his life.  He confessed coming to some of our recovery meetings and getting high afterward. He now serves Jesus and is currently the evangelist on 8th Street.  Praise the Lord!


Christ's peace to you,

Andy Kim

8th Street Community Church
3760 N. 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
(215) 939-7406

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