가다 or (맛이) 가다 syn. 돌다 - crazy, mad, insane
걸레 - slut or man whore
돌다 - to turn mad, lunatic or insane (돌았냐?)
갈구다 - To nag at someone, irritate, bother, annoy
갑이다 = 동갑이다 - to be approximately the same age as another (우리 갑이네. 말까도 되지?)
강추 = 강력 추천 - A must, highly recommended
개기다 - unwilling to compromise or give in (이자식 개기네? 죽어!)
개판 - A chaos
골때리다 (adj) - a headache, a pain
공부벌레 - a bookworm (Literally, study worm)
머리가 깡통이야 - airhead
날라리 - A teenager who has more interest in being cool (underage smoking, drinking, clubbing.. stuff like that) than in study. also, its more likey a slut.
내숭떨다 - To be coy
널널하다 - free, spacious, roomy (오늘 시간 널널한데 만나자)
노가다 - A physically demanding job. usu. a construction job
대박 + 터지다 - To yield a big luck, to hit the jackpot
대타 - to pinch-hit, to fill in for someone (대타해줘)
대빵 - A lot, very (= 열라)
된장/덴장 = 젠장 - freak! darn!
뒤땅 + 까다 - to gossip, to backbite
디따 - a general intensifier; a lot, really
땡땡이 치다 - (iv) to loaf around, skip classes, blow something off
맞짱뜨다 - To fight
막가파 - Someone who does things without considering the consequences, an impulsive + reckless person, someone who sows wild oats
만땅 - To fill to the limit, to fill something full (만땅이요. Fill her up, please.)
말리다 - to have a bad hair day
망가지다 - To embarrass oneself
맥주병 - Someone who just 'sinks' like beer bottles when put in water. (나 맥주병이야)
몽땅 - completely
물먹이다 - To stand someone up or to disappoint someone intentionally, to pull someone's leg
무슨 소리야 - What is this noise?
무슨 개소리야 - What's this bullcrap? (What is this dog noise?)
무지무지 - an intensifier meaning very very (무지무지 커)
무지하게 [무쟈게] - an intensifier meaning very
바가지쓰다 - To be ripped off
바가지 긁다 - To nag, to harass (exp. a wife at her hubby)
밥맛 -somebody say "밥맛이야" to somebody, it means similar with 재수없어 ( go to the hell, a little less aggresive than "fuck you")
방콕 - to never go outside home, to live a life in seclusion (방학동안 방콕 갔다왔어)
백수 - An unemployed man
백조 - An unemployed woman
번개(팅) - To meet someone who you got to know over the net.
벼락치기 - To pull an all nighter before an exam
불다 - To confess, expose, to "blow" (disclose) confidential info
사이비 - Sham, fake, fraud
살벌하다/ 쌀벌하다 - (adj) An overwhelming, brutal, tense + violent atmosphere
삽질하다 - To BS (저 새끼 또 삽질하네)
삼천포로 빠지다 - To get off the subject
생판/ 쌩판 - Completely (쌩판 모르는 씹쌔들이 지랄이네)
아싸리 - All at once, altogether
앗따 - Jeolla expression of rrustration. Not as harsh as Seoulites' 아씨 (which an abbreviated Ah F***! 아씨발)
야리다 - To scowl, glower (뭘야려?) What you lookin' at?
야마논다 - spoken by Gyeongsan males, "Pissed off"
양다리 걸치다 - To date 2 persons at the same time.
엄창하다 = ‘엄’마 ‘창’녀, meaning my mom’s a whore if what I’m saying isn’t true. Also, to swear (진짜야. 엄창해! I ain’t kidding. I swear!)
엉터리 - Gibberish, done in a rough careless manner
일빠 - Be the first
잘난척 - To brag, to boast
재수없어 - go to hell, a little less aggressive than "fuck you"
조폭 = 조직 폭력배 - a member of a gang of violent criminals, a mobster
짜증나 - annoying, irritating
짱나 - 짜증나's abbreviation
니가 짱이야 - you are awesome!
찬밥 (신세) - To wear out your welcome
차다 - To dump a girl or boyfriend
철판 (+ 깔다) - To put on a thick skin, to act brazen and shameless
초짜 - A complete beginner
총알택시 - A taxi driven by a crazy ultra speedy driver.... at the speed of a bullet.
캡 - ace
캡숑 - a general non offensive intensifier (캡숑 잘생겼어)
컨닝 하다 - To cheat on an exam
콩밥 먹다 - To be imprisoned
키우다 - To turn up volume (볼륨좀 키워봐)
튀다 - a) To run away fast b) To stand out from the rest
튕기다 - "Oh, I coudn't possibly ask you to do that!"
파편 - bits of chewed food popped out of the mouth caused by opening the mouth (e.g. talking) while eating
퍼뜩 - Quickly
폰팅 - A date on the phone
폼잡다 - To flaunt oneself
한 턱 + 내다, 쏘다, 쓰다 - to buy something (usu. dinner or drink) for friend(s)
허벌나게 - an intensifier meaning very or eagerly
허접 - a low-quality fake; 짜가 and 짝퉁 don't necessarily have to be low quality counterfeits.
화끈하다 - An adjective describing someone who is very impetuous, quick, bold, hot-tempered and impulsive
환장하다 - To go nuts, to drive crazy
황 - A general term for 'Good.' Its usage and meaning are very similar to '짱.'
황당하다 - To be absurd
후리다 - To womanize
후지다 - To be of poor quality

낚였어 - You got me. You had me going there.
낚았지? - I got you, didn't I. I had you going, didn't I?
썰렁하군. - That's a lame joke.
분위기 망치게 (조지게) 하지마. / 초치지마. - Don't spoil the mood.
너나 잘 해. - None of your business. Mind your own business.
내성질 건드리지 마. - Don't get on my nerves.
뒷북치지마. - Thanks for the history lesson. Hindsight is 20/20.
그 사람 그거 참 잘~ 됐다. / 쌤통이다. - He deserves it. Serves him right.
그래 니 팔뚝 (또는 니 X) 굵다. - Yes, you're the man!
니가 나한테 어떻게 그럴 수 있니? - How could you do that to me?
놀구 있네- 삽질 하네- - Yeah. Right~
거기 물 좋다 - That place rocks! That place kicks!
(문제의 답 등이) 너무쉽네/애걔(걔) 그게다야? - That's it? /Is that all?
너도 내 입장이 되어봐 - Put yourself in my shoes.
너 정말 치사하다. - You're so cheap.
이 짓이 지겨워 죽겠어. - This sucks!
몇 시에 퇴근해요? - What time do you call it a day?
야, 친구 좋다는 게 뭐야? - Come on, what are friends for?
너무 감격해서 눈물이 난다. - It was so touching, I almost cried.
미안해 할 것까지는 없어. - There's nothing to be sorry about.
내게 고마워할 것까지는 없어. - There's no need to thank me.
이보다 더 좋을 순 없다. - It couldn't be better than this!
메롱 - Neh Neh Neh Boo Boo
섭섭(실망)하지않게 해드리겠습니다! - You won't be disappointed!
나를 만만하게 보지마. - Don't think I am that easy.
니가 하는 일이 다 그렇지 뭐. - That's what you always do.
두고보자. - Just wait! I'll get (또는 pay) you back.
가만히 있으면 중간이나 가지. - You should've kept quiet
이번 한 번만 봐준다. - I'm gonna let it slide only this time.
쟤는 어디가도 굶어죽진 않겠다. - No matter where he goes, he'll do just fine.
너무많은걸 알려고하면 다쳐. - Knowing too much will only hurt you.
제발 잘난 척 좀 그만해. - Stop acting like you're something special.
네가 없으니 뭔가 허전한 기분이야. - I feel like something is missing when you're not here.
장난이 좀 심하군. - Your joking is going a little too far.
말장난 그만 합시다. - Let's stop playing word games
내가 만만하게 보여? - Do I look that easy?
다 엎어버리고 뛰쳐 나가고싶다. - I just want to drop everything and run away.
오해 하지 마세요. - Don't get me wrong.
몸이 날아갈 것 같애. /가뿐해. - I feel light as a feather. I feel good.
기가막혀 말이 안나오네. - It's so upset I'm speechless.
니 맘대로 하세요. - Suit yourself.
괜히 나만 실없는사람 되었잖아. - It just made me look irresponsible.
허리가 삐걱했어. - I hurt my back.
허리를 다쳤어요. - I threw out my back.
아직 옛날 실력 안 죽었어. - I've still got it.
너 들으라고 한 소리 아냐. - Don't take it personally.
까꿍! - Peekaboo!
알랑거리지마. - Don't try to butter me up.
배째 - Sue me!
그게 어딘데? - That's better than nothing
머리뚜껑이 열렸다. - My head is about to split.
그녀는 이중 성격을 가졌어. - She has a multiple personality (split personality)
어디론가 멀리 훌쩍 떠나고 싶다. - I just want to go somewhere far away.
(나에게) 너무 심한 것 아니예요? - Don't you think you're being too harsh (on me)?
그렇게까지 할 필요는 없어. - You don't have to do all that
나도 맘이 편하지는 않아. - I don't feel good about it, either.
그다지 썩 내키지는 않는데. - I don't really feel like doing it
생각보다 '별로'인데. - It's not as good as I expected.
몸살에 걸려 온몸이 쑤신다. - My whole body aches.
그 사람 똥배가 나왔어. - He has a big belly.
넌 내 밥이야. - Your mine now! I've got you just where I want you.
저 사람은 인간이 왜 저래? - What's his problem? What's wrong with him?
걔 원래 그런 애야. - He's usually like that.
너 삐졌니? - Are you mad at me? Are you pissed off?
이 싸가지 없는 녀석아 (싸가지 means 싹수.) - You're a hopeless case.
그는 밥만 축낸다. - Food is wasted on him.
그는 성격이 털털하고 시원시원하다. - He has an easy-going and cool attitude.
있는 척 좀 하지 마. - Stop acting (Don't act) like you are rich.
사람보면 아는척 좀 해봐라. - Why are you acting like you don't know me?
쟨 정말 짜다! 어떻게 밥 한번 안사니? - He's so cheap. How can he not buy lunch even once?
너 공주병이구나. - You think you're special, don't you?
저 애는 내가 찍었어. - That boy (girl) is mine. He (She) is on my list.
쟤는 날라리야. - He's a player (with the girls).
그는 앞뒤가 꽉 막혔어. - He is so stubborn.
내 입장이 정말 난처해. - My position is very uncomfortable.
그 사람은 건방지게 굴어. - He acts like he's something special.
쟤 손 좀 봐 줘야겠다. - He needs a lesson.
잘난체 하는 걸 아니꼬와서 못 보겠군! - I can't stand watching him acting like he is something special.
그녀는 마음을 잘 주지 않고 튕겨. - She's playing hard to get.
그는 뒤로 호박씨 깐다. - He does things behind people's backs
놔둬! 그냥 그러다가 말겠지 뭐. - Leave him alone. He'll stop it eventually.
이 숙제 정말 짜증난다. - This homework is very tedious.
너무 오바 하지마. (오바 is Konglish for "'over' exaggerate.") - Stop exaggerating. Don't over do it.
쟤랑 걔랑 그렇고 그런 사이래. - They are said to have a relationship.
걘 늘 요리조리 빠져나간단 말이야. - He always gets away with stuff.
그냥 그렇다고 해, 뭘 자꾸 따져? - Just say it. Don't argue.
대박이다!! - Awesome!!
정신줄 놨구나? - Are you out of your mind? or Are you crazy?
뭘 꼬라봐? - What are you looking at? (a fighting attitude)
지못미(지켜주지 못해서 미안해) - Sorry, I couldn't protect you.
나 쟤한테 꽂혔어 - I have crush on her/him
웃기지마! - Whatever! or Shut up~ (when someone says nonsense)
죽이다! It's killer!

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